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Andy Warhol on How to Turn Queerness into Coca Cola

Jonathan Katz

Der Vortrag (in engl. Sprache) „Andy Warhol on How to Turn Queerness into Coca Cola“ findet anlässlich der Sonderausstellung ‚Andy Warhol Now‘ (Museum Ludwig) statt.

While Andy Warhol’s gay art and identity have long been recognized, generally his sexuality is more or less confined to his choice of subject matter rather than informing his methods. Using the recently rediscovered – and very queer – unexpurgated text of a famous 1963 interview with Gene Swenson (that was ruthlessly edited to remove all references to queerness), Katz will argue the opposite: that Warhol’s work is best understood as something then quite fragile and new — a tentative, still unstable species of queer (as oppposed to gay) standpoint epistemology dedicated to eliminating the very grounds of sexual difference. In the process, Katz reframes some of Warhol’s most recognized works as evidence of a coherent program to obliterate all forms of distinction, sexual and otherwise, in a world of polymorphous possibility.

  • Jonathan D. Katz is an art historian, curator and queer activist, now Professor of Practice in the History of Art and interim Director of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. He co-curated ‚Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture‘, the first queer art exhibition ever mounted at a major US museum. Katz was also the Founding Director of Yale University’s Lesbian and Gay Studies Program. An activist academic, he also founded the Queer Caucus for Art of the College Art Association, the professional association of artists and art historians, co-founded Queer Nation, San Francisco, and founded the Gay and Lesbian Town Meeting, the organization that successfully lobbied for queer anti-discrimination statutes in the city of Chicago. He is the president emeritus of the new Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York City. As a scholar of modern and contemporary art, Katz is responsible for many of the first queer studies of such defining artists as Georgia O’Keeffe, Jasper Johns, Leon Polk Smith, Ellsworth Kelly, Robert Rauschenberg, Richard Hamilton, Yayoi Kusama, Cy Twombly, Agnes Martin, Robert Indiana, and a number of others. He curated the exhibition ‚About Face: Stonewall, Revolt and New Queer Art‘ in summer 2019 at Wrightwood 659, a new museum in Chicago. The largest queer exhibition ever mounted, featuring some 500 works.

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